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Sl.No Region Type Classification Reg.No. Name of the Co-operative Society
1 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 23 Pdy. Women Cottage Industrial Co-operative Society
2 Mahe Primary Stores 43 Mahe Employees Co-operative Stores
3 Pondy Central Stores 44 Pdy. Co-operative Wholesale Stores
4 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 67 Indian Coffee Worker's Co-operative Society
5 Yanam Primary Stores 71 Yanam Co-operative Stores
6 Mahe Primary Students stores 155 Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School Students Co-operative Stores
7 Pondy Primary Stores 157 Thirukkanur Primary Consumers Co-operative Stores
8 Mahe Primary Students stores 160 J.N. Govt. High School Students Co-operative Stores
9 Pondy Primary Students stores 179 JIPMER Consumers Co-operative Stores
10 Pondy Primary Stores 190 A.F.T. Employees Co-operative Stores
11 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 200 Pdy. Industrial Co-operatie Printing Press
12 Karaikal Primary Stores 207 Karaikal Public Servants Co-operative Stores
13 Mahe Primary Stores 219 Mahe Consumers Co-operative Stores
14 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 295 Dariyaltippa Agricultural Field Labourers Co-operative Society Ltd
15 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 306 Kanagalpetta Argicultural Landless Labourers Co-operative Society
16 Pondy Sugar Mill Mill 315 Pdy. Co-operative Sugar Mills
17 Pondy Primary Students stores 317 Bharathidasan Women's College Students Co-operative Stores
18 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 318 Satya Women Cottage Industrial Co-operative Society
19 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 320 Farampetta Agricultural Landless Labourers Co-operative Society
20 Karaikal Primary Students stores 334 Aringar Anna Govt. Arts College Students Co-operative Stores
21 Mahe Primary Students stores 336 Mahatma Gandhi Govt. Arts College Students Co-operative Stores
22 Karaikal Primary Students stores 337 Avvaiyar Women College Students Co-operative Stores
23 Pondy Primary Students stores 350 Nettapakkam Students Co-operative Stores
24 Mahe Primary Students stores 351 C.E. Bharathan Govt. Hr. Sec. School Students Co-operative Stores
25 Yanam Primary Students stores 355 Yanam Students Co-operative Stores
26 Mahe Primary Students stores 357 Pandakal Students Co-operative Stores
27 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 427 Pdy. Toy Makers Service Industrial Co-operative Society
28 Pondy Apex Federation 429 Pdy. State Co-operative Consumers Federation
29 Karaikal Primary Mis./Indl. 438 Karaikal Women Co-operative Printing Society
30 Yanam Primary Students stores 458 Dr.SRK Arts College and STPP Junior College Students Co-op.Stores
31 Pondy Primary Stores 469 Bahour Public Servants Co-operative Stores
32 Mahe Primary Students stores 470 Pallor Students Co-operative Stores
33 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 484 Metacura Adhi Andhra Agricultural Landless Labourers Co-op.Society
34 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 505 Mahe Industrial Co-operative Printing Press
35 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 509 Vikas Women Cottage Industrial Co-operative Society
36 Pondy Primary Students stores 569 Indira Nagar Students Co-operative Stores
37 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 594 Yanam Women Coir Workers Industrial Co-operative Society
38 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 595 Yanam Co-operative Printing Press
39 Pondy Primary Students stores 633 Pdy. Veterinary College Students Co-operative Stores
40 Karaikal Primary Students stores 640 PAJANCOA Students Co-operative Stores
41 Pondy Primary Stores 648 Kalaimagal Co-operative Stores
42 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 652 Pdy. Pudumai Handicrafts Artisans Co-operative Society
43 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 653 Pdy. Co-operative Book Society
44 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 662 Mahe Co-operative Transport Society
45 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 663 Bheem Nagar Agricultural Field Labourers Co-operative Society
46 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 666 Ambedkar Nagar Agricultural Field Labourers Co-operative Society
47 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 674 Yanam Autorickshaw Drivers Co-operative Society
48 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 683 Sri Hari Boatmen and Sand Workers Co-operative Society
49 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 684 Mahe Horticulture Co-operative Society
50 Karaikal Primary Stores 686 Karaikal Fair Price Shop Employees Co-op. Society
51 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 688 Pdy. Tanjavur Arts Women Artisans Co-operative Society
52 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 689 Mahe Co-operative Centre for Information Technology
53 Pondy Primary Stores 690 Pdy. Fair Price Shop Employees Co-operative Society
54 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 693 Yanam Washerman Workers Industrial Co-operative Society
55 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 694 Yanam Vishwabrahmins (Goldsmith) Co-operative Society
56 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 695 Yanam Rickshaw Pullers Co-operative Society
57 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 701 Mahe Vanitha Co-operative Society
58 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 702 Puduvai Computers Co-operative Society
59 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 703 Mahe Educational Co-operative Society
60 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 720 Karpuri Takhoor Nayee Brahmins Co-operative Society
61 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 724 Mahe Labour Contract Co-operative Society
62 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 732 Puduvai Construction Workers Co-operative Society
63 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 735 Pdy. Ex-Servicemen Co-operative Society
64 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 743 Sri Vigneshwara Tailoring Co-operative Society
65 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 747 Sri Pillaraya Women Cottage Industrial Co-operative Society
66 Pondy Apex Federation 760 Pdy. State Co-operative Handicrafts & Handloom Fedn.
67 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 761 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Painters Co-operative Society
68 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 768 Mahe Tourism Development Co-operative Society
69 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 769 Pdy. Tourism and Transport Co-operative Society
70 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 771 Mahe Ex-Serviceman Co-operative Society
71 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 774 Pdy. Coir Artisans Co-operative Society
72 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 776 Pdy. Coir Products Labourers Co-operative Society
73 Pondy Primary Students stores 783 Kanchimamunivar Centre for Post Graduate Students Co-op. Stores
74 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 784 Pdy. Goods Carrier & Transport Services Co-op. Society
75 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 788 Sri Durga Bhavani Coconut workers Co-operative Society
76 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 789 Yanam Engineering Workers Co-operative Society
77 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 790 Sri Ganesh Carpenters Co-operative society
78 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 792 Sri Udaya Krishna Vomsi Manson workers Co-operative Society
79 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 797 Pdy. Multi Purpose Service Providers Co-operative Society
80 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 798 Palloor Canteen Catering and Service Co-operative Society
81 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 805 Resource Outsourcing Co-operative Society
82 Mahe Primary Students stores 806 Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedha Medical College Students Co-op. Stores
83 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 807 Mahe Co-operative Hospital Society
84 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 808 Yanam Tourism Development Co-operative Society
85 Yanam Primary Mis./Indl. 809 Yanam Multi –Purpose service Providers Co-operative Society
86 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 810 Pdy. Industrial Co-operative Society for New and Renewal Energy
87 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 811 Puduvai Leather Products and Production & Sales Co-operative Society
88 Pondy Primary Students stores 815 Indira Gandhi Medical College&Research Institute Students Co-op.Stores
89 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 817 Mahe Baking and Confectionery Co-operative Society
90 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 820 Pdy. Educational Services Co-operative Society
91 Karaikal Primary Mis./Indl. 821 Dr. Abdul Kalam Staff Resources Co-operative Society
92 Pondy Primary Mis./Indl. 823 "Pdy. Co-op.Society for Education Research and Consultancy Services "
93 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 830 Asraya Women Welfare Co-op Soceity
94 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 831 Mahe Resource Outsourcing Co-op. Society
95 Mahe Primary Mis./Indl. 832 Mahila Empowerment and Welfare Service Co-op Society
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