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Sl.No Subject Documents
1 GPF Advance Application View/Download
2 GPF Part-Final Withdrawal Applicaiton View/Download
3 CL/RH/EL/CCL Application View/Download
4 Form for Option (Promotion / MACP) View/Download
5 Income Tax Calculation Sheet for the year 2020-21 View/Download
6 Application for reimbursement of Children Education Allowance View/Download
7 Annexure H : Prior Intimation (PI) letter from the Government Employee to his/her Administrative Office for submission of Passport Application for himself/herself (on plain paper) View/Download
8 Application for No Objection Certificate (NOC) to go to Abroad / Obtain Indian Passport View/Download
9 Application for Seeking Permission to study/ appear for University Examination/ Other Courses View/Download
10 Application form for an advance for the purchase of motor Car / Motor Cycle/ Personal Computer View/Download
11 Grant of Advance for purchase of land or part/full construction, enlargement, etc., of a house View/Download
12 Form for giving Prior Intimation or seeking Previous Sanction under Rule 18 (2) in respect of Immovable Property (Other than for Building of or additions and alteration to a House) View/Download
13 Form for giving intimation or seeking Previous Sanction under Rule 18(3) for transaction in respect of Movable Property View/Download
14 Form of Report/Application for permission to the prescribed Authority for the Building of or addition to a House View/Download
15 Form for submission of Annual Property Returns View/Download
16 Application for Transfer View/Download
17 Form 3 : Details of Family View/Download
18 Form 5 : Particulars to be obtained by the Head of Office from the retiring Government servant eight months before the date of his retirement View/Download
19 Form I - A : Form of Application for commutation of a fraction of Superannuation Pension without Medical Examination when applicant desires that the payment of the Commuted Value Of Pension should be Authorised through the Pension Payment Order View/Download
20 Form 1 : Common Nomination Form for Gratuity, General Provident Fund and Central Government Employees’ Group Insurance Scheme 1984 View/Download
21 Form A : Common Nomination Form for Arrears of Pension and Commutation of Pension View/Download
22 Form - I - Form of Application for Communication of a fraction of Pension without Medical Examination
(To be submitted in duplicate after retirement but within one year of the date of retirement)
23 Submission of Specimen Signature, height and Weight , Undertaking for the purpose of pension View/Download
24 Leave Travel Concession Bill (format) View/Download
25 Travelling Allowance bill for Tour View/Download
26 Travelling Allowance bill for Transfer View/Download
76 Medical Certificate / Fitness Certificate View/Download
28 Application for claiming refund of Medical Expenses incurred in connection with Medical Attendance and/or Treatment of Central Government Servants and their families for Medical Attendance by an authorized Medical Attendant View/Download
29 Form of application for claiming refund of medical expenses incurred in connection with medical attendance and / or treatment of Central Government servants and their families – For medical attendance / treatment taken both from an Authorized Medical Attendant and a Hospital View/Download
30 Extract of Medical Claim View/Download
31 Medical Claim -Certificate - A View/Download
32 Medical Claim -Certificate - B View/Download
33 General Subsidiary Regularization of the society’s employee View/Download
34 Form of Application under Section 8 of the Puducherry Co-operative Societies Act, 1972 (No.7 of 1973) for the registration of a co-operative society View/Download
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